After working in Pharmaceuticals for many years, Joe Homan and the Edspire, Inc. team recognized the critical need to help operations, sales, quality and research personnel when they are navigating People, Process and Communication challenges.

Edspire works as a full-service advocate to help team members assess, train, manage, coach and resource.  The interaction is dictated by the situation and as always is the lightest touch possible while delivering quality to the organization.

Over the years, Edspire, Inc.’s unique operating model as a partner alongside clients has allowed clients to lead and learn while executing. Edspire, Inc. provides the Next Right Thing In Pharma whether its assessment, training, management, coaching or delivery.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Absolutes: Edspire helps clients achieve: Safe, Pure, and Efficacious Products
  2. Provide elegant solutions – Simple is better
  3. Make business purpose the focus of every Edspire engagement
  4. Assume nothing
  5. Ask good questions and listen more than talk
  6. Be on time
  7. Help the client leaders always act like a small business owner who has no money to risk


Edspire was formed by former executives in large cap global pharmaceutical companies in 2015.  Corporate offices are located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs. Edspire, Inc. has found its success in consulting for small start-ups through mid-cap ventures.


At Edspire – We know Life Sciences. We help you succeed.


Our team is comprised of Life Sciences Experts who bring extensive knowledge of Lean & Six Sigma, Leadership/Sales Training, and Supply Chain Operations methodologies throughout the Life Sciences operating model.

Core Value Proposition

Advocate for Life Sciences Leadership

Edspire, Inc. is a consulting firm focused on helping Leaders throughout the Life Sciences operate wisely in every facet of their operation from business development/sales and marketing to research and development through manufacturing and on to distribution.


The Edspire team serves in a variety of roles and levels of involvement. We bring proven tools, methodologies, disciplines and most importantly nimbleness to tackle any size project. We specialize in getting things done in a tight time-frame and on a tight budget.

With over 180 years combined experience working for pharmaceutical companies, the Edspire team has been in your shoes and knows the importance of efficient and effective delivery. We bring a disciplined process to each engagement to clearly identify requirements up front, define the deliverable or outcome desired, and deliver every project plan to meet your timeline and budget.