ROI MODEL – The Results and Operations Integrated Model

In today’s ever-changing business environment, a disciplined approach is needed to align a leader’s vision with the team’s execution and ongoing communication across the organization.

This White Paper provides a glimpse into the ROI Model, a proven, three-phased approach to guide any endeavor. Contents include a high-level introduction to the terminology, key components and interrelationship of deliverables throughout the three phases of any initiative.

A companion White Paper is available for more in-depth guidance to apply the ROI Model to your organization, operation, teams, and projects.

By applying these principles, you should achieve repeatable results to manifest any vision or achieve any goal. The ROI Model is a road-map to sustainable operations that produce consistent, high-quality results.


Do, Move and Communicate was spawned from the military phrase Shoot, Move & Communicate which Joe became very familiar with during his 12 years in the military. He tailored this philosophy to be a playbook for any leader setting goals, leading projects, and accomplishing tasks through teams. Join Joe as he walks you through the nuts and bolts of exactly how he leads teams to Do, Move and Communicate.


Edspire’s Lean and Six Sigma Methodology is a filtration process.  It starts with the pure Lean and Six Sigma Methodology as the largest screen in the filter.  Then sieving it through the screen of Company Objectives.  Then the practical application to the specific client needs.