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  • SITUATION: Biologics product franchise facing death-knell issue; stakeholders unsure if it could be saved.

  • EXECUTION: Provided team leadership, project management, team building and individual coaching to preserve $300M in revenue, company reputation and marquee product franchise.


  • SITUATION: Pharma manufacturing work force of 470 performing below competency threshold for efficient and effective operations.

  • EXECUTION: Provided award-winning project management, learning and development processes to create 70 classes (7 tracks, 10 classes each) at a university campus. Participants benefited from team building, networking and company investment. All personnel trained and made more compliant in 5 days. $1.4M retail value delivered for budget of $0.2M ($1.38M savings).

  • SITUATION: Key opinion leaders (KOLs) performing at varying levels of competency for delivering a pharmaceutical company message.

  • EXECUTION: Provided learning, development and agile presentation skills to raise the level of competency for all KOLs in delivering key messages clearly.


  • SITUATION: 1500 standard operating procedures lacking hierarchy,governance, specificity and accuracy.

  • EXECUTION: Provided project management and SOP acumen to produce 22 model cross-organizational, cross-functional SOPs demonstrating what ‘good compliance’ looks like.

  • SITUATION: Exceedingly-high inventory levels at a pharma company.

  • EXECUTION: Provided team leadership tools using Lean and Six Sigma to achieve inventory reduction, resulting in $1.1M savings.


  • SITUATION: Leadership team at pharma company had no project management process, causing confusion at 300-person site.

  • EXECUTION: Provided project management, individual coaching and team intervention models to create a project management sanctioning process that reduced 123 priority projects down to 8.

  • SITUATION: Transportation department creating one-way trips, resulting in zero revenue dollars, yet large expenses.

  • EXECUTION: Provided leadership ingenuity and project tools to establish a gain-sharing program with Teamsters Union to increase back haul opportunities. Result: $2.2M in annual revenue for a non-core-business function.